I still think about that guy at Katsu who literally walked right past me and asked if Toni was cosplaying ino. That fucked me up. I’m fucked up


tryna achieve hot anime boy aesthetic is not easy when u are but a doki anime girl

what do u think of renly baratheon


are you really here to talk about your lord and savior in my inbox now. is this what it has come to

i think he’s a great character and i like him a lot but both my own personal convictions and considerations for the throne rest in a belief that he is just not weathered nor broken enough to hold a position of such unbelievable power like that on the iron throne


stuff that i need on my desk while studying!

was it the some hunters marry angels because i have the same one

ah yes that was the one. a classic

once i owned a supernatural-themed fckh8 shirt


My family and I went exploring and they were sooo annoyed bc I kept taking photos of everything haha. 

my dad told me he saw a flower shop selling small cacti and thought of me


pretty pink flower